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A new kind of platform.

The Cedar Leaders is a pioneering online platform that celebrates the efforts of individuals working on positive transformation across Lebanon.

In a region of turmoil, Lebanon continues to face huge security unrest, sectarian tensions, and worsening socio-economic situation. But Lebanon also has a wealth of activists who we believe are the leaders that deserve your attention and support.



We are a team of students at the American University of Beirut who are launching this online platform to connect people, ideas and stories.

We have one goal; to shed light on influential individuals that are challenging all forms of extremism and instead spreading values of tolerance and inclusion. These individuals are often left out of mainstream media and bringing them forward will help inspire others to take action.

Who is a Cedar Leader?

A Cedar Leader is someone working towards:
  • Gearing youth away from violence and extremism towards hope and positive transformation
  • Improving local economy and local governance structures
  • Creating a mechanism to inspire and empower youth.


#BringThemForward is the first campaign under this platform. We aspire to expand the platform through your contributions: nominate other Cedar Leaders, volunteer with our Cedar Leaders, and post your reactions.

#BringThemForward is a student led campaign that strives to increase the visibility of individuals whom work at the local level and behind the scenes to improve their communities. Visit this platform to meet leaders that we want to bring into the spotlight. Nominate leaders in your own community. Share ideas and support the causes.

Help us #BringThemForward by identifying individuals who are spreading values of tolerance and enabling others in their community.

Meet The Team

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    Asceal ElSouki

    Public administration major with an emphasis in management. She has taken courses on applied research, democracy,  non-profit management and psychology. She has attended workshops with Injaz and the Center for Civic Engagement on problem solving and team dynamics. Asceal has successfully interned in the education sector in Ghana and in telecommunications in Saudi Arabia. She loves working with people and wants to enter management consulting.

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    Rami El Sabban

    Public administration major who has taken courses in human resources, public policy and civic engagement. Rami works as a product marketing officer and is learning about sales strategies. He has impressive experience volunteering with St. Judes Cancer Center, supporting renovation of schools in vulnerable communities, and helping underprivileged youth in Morocco. He loves photography and aspires for a career in social media consulting.

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    Dala Osseiran

    Political studies major with an interest is journalism and writing. Dala’s experience includes volunteering with the AUB Red Cross Youth Club serving mainly the elderly community. She has strong writing and communication skills and has written for the Executive Magazine on international politics and Lebanese foreign relations. She loves writing and communicating and is hoping for a career in development.

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    Abir Ghadieh

    Public Administration major who is interested in the field of management and organizational behavior. She has experience working at the Science Library at AUB and is currently in student-work program at the AUB Nursing School. Abir has great interpersonal skills and enjoys working with others. She has solid information technology and quantitative research skills. She loves being part of a team and wants a career with the United Nations.

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    Dina Shriem

    Political studies major minoring in international law. Dina is passionate about international affairs and global policy issues. She is an active member of her student body having participated in and supported International Model United Nations, TEDxAUB, and Outlook newspaper. Dina exhibits strong commitment to the community through her community service and is outspoken on youth civic engagement. She loves defending the rights of others and wants to pursue a career as a lawyer.

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    Stephanie Haddad

    Public Administration major interested in pursuing a law degree as well as an emphasis in entrepreneurship. She has experience with interning for A World at Education, an NGO focused on raising awareness and providing schools for children worldwide, as well Shifaa', an NGO focused on encouraging the youth to help build one another up. Stephanie is very vocal about what she perceives as basic human rights and uses multiple social media platforms in order to raise awareness concerning corruption in the MENA region.

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    Nadia Osseiran

    Public Administration major with an emphasis on management. She has taken courses on democracy, civil engagement, public policy, and human resources. She plans on perusing a degree in Humanitarian Affairs in correspondence to her passion for helping others. Nadia has been volunteering at the Orphan Welfare Society in Saida for a couple of years as a tutor.